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Lindy Hop

Considered the first, or granddaddy of swing dancing, The Lindy Hop was to undergo nearly a decade of ‘evolution’ and influence from other popular jazz dances before the name Lindy Hop was coined. 

From the movie: HELLZAPOPPIN' (1941) featuring Whiteys Lindy Hoppers, including Frankie Manning.  As one of the best filmed Lindy Hop dance sequences ever - it is the benchmark of pure Lindy Hop. 

The first known form of swing was the Texas Tommy in 1913.  By 1919 this had become the Break-A-Way.  It was during the 1920’s when the popular Charleston (as well as other jazz dances – the Turkey Trot, the Cakewalk, Tap, and the Texas Tommy to name but a few) were mixed in with the Break-A-Way that the Lindy Hop was fashioned. 

This dance style was officially named in 1927 after Charles Lindberg “hopped” over the Atlantic Ocean in the Spirit of Saint Louis.  Its popularity grew over the next two decades, thanks to the great dancers and performers of the time who frequented such hot spots as the Savoy Ballroom (Harlem, New York).  Considered the home of Lindy, The Savoy cultured the current form of Lindy experiencing a worldwide resurgence. 

Danced to the big band styled music, it has an 8-count basic, using 8 and 6 count based moves.  With it’s many influences (Afro-American and jazz roots) the Lindy Hop makes an exciting style of dance to learn, encouraging individuality, spontaneity, and enjoyment.  

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