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Offering partner dance instruction since 2002 and NZ's first (and currently only) professionally qualified Swing and R'n'R dance teachers


Accredited members of the New Zealand Association Of Dance Teachers (NZADT)

New Zealand Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing (FATD) - Licentiate & Associate levels Rock’n’Roll branch

Australian Rock’n’Roll Dancesport Council Inc (ARRDC Inc) - Licentiate & Affiliate levels in Jitterbug/Lindy Hop

Adam Polaczuk

Adam began dancing the fun style of Cuban Salsa in 2007, then fell in love with and began dancing the passionate and flowing Brazilian Zouk Lambada in 2010.  Also to compliment these styles he has a keen interest in dancing the beautiful Bachata and funky Samba de Gafieira.  

Adam has learnt from a diverse range of the world’s best Zouk Lambada teachers, both in New Zealand and abroad.  They include Kadu and Larissa, Allison and Audrey, William and Paloma, Lidio and Monique, Adilio, Alex and Daniela, and Renata and Jorge.  

Adam is also involved in ethnic Polish folk dancing and is a very strong supporter in keeping this tradition alive.  He has continually taught, trained, competed and performed in New Zealand and abroad since 2008 in all of the dance styles he is involved with.  This wide diversity of dance styles has given Adam a very good understanding of the variety of particular body movements needed accentuate each style of dance.  

Adam has been teaching Zouk- Lambada as part of the Salsa Therapy team since 2012. 


Leona started ballroom dancing at the age of 14 and after several years of lessons, many tests with results of high level points discovered Salsa at the age of 18.

Although never having learnt any fundamental steps in latin dancing Leona soon learnt to understand, follow and love Salsa and other latin styles by travelling to different countries to dance.  

The first time Leona wintnessed Zouk-Lambada was at the 2009 NZ Salsa Congress.  She was struck by the beautiful flowing dance and the music.  One year later she had her first Zouk lesson at the 2010 Salsa Congress and soon signed up with Salsa Therapy to learn more.  Having achieved a solid fundamental base Leona expanded her Zouk with weekend trips to Auckland, Christchurch and Brisbane to learn from experts such as Kadu & Larissa, Allison & Audrey, William & Paloma, Alex & Daniella, Adilio, Jorge & Renata, Leo & Laryssa, and many more. 

Since October 2012 Leona has been teaching together with Adam Brazilian Zouk-Lambada classes as part of the Salsa Therapy teaching team.  

Level 2, 39 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington